Scotch Egg—Spanish-Style

Scotch Egg—Spanish-Style

Sean Wilson does fascinating things with spice—especially when he suffuses something rich and lardaceous with spice blends he mixes and roasts in-house. For Restaurant Week, try his Spanish-inspired Scotch egg. First, he dips a soft-boiled egg into a blood pudding-esque mixture (flour, pork blood, “and about 20 different spices,” Wilson explains). Next, he wraps the egg in a house-made Spanish chorizo flavored with sweet-smoky paprika, garlic and marjoram. Once fried, the spice-swathed egg—with its rich yolk still a bit gooey—comes to the table halved with a few garden-fresh touches and a bit of pork-fat hollandaise. You got it: an exemplary display of Wilson’s spice/fat forte.

–Wini Moranville

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